Extreme Heels

2020-10-21134 imagesFetish, High heels, Latex
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Extreme Heels 4

Dominatrix wrapped in latex!
with the intention to give you orders!
I am standing in front of you on my wicked red high heels ...
you know, there is no return!
From now on your being is up to my mercy ...
These gorgeous extreme heels are sponsored by a dear and true fan!
With his help this amazing session could start ...

Wicket Latex Whole

2020-10-20128 imagesBig boobs, Fetish, Latex
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Wicket Latex Whole 1
Wicket Latex Whole 2
Wicket Latex Whole 3
Wicket Latex Whole 4

a wicked lady, trapped in a hopeless whole of nowhere
she is captured in her insatiable lust
she is waiting of you to free her from torture
come in and get me out of misery
closely wrapped in black latex I am waiting for you
brightness and light is around my luscious body
tickling warmth comes up in face of icinesson my skin ...
a warmness drives me crazy to get more of you!

Out of Sea

2020-10-20122 imagesBig boobs, Fetish, Latex
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Out of Sea 2
Out of Sea 3
Out of Sea 4

arised out of an icy lake
lonesome in a cold winter scenery
a hot lust flows out of my senses
the gleaming color of turquoise latex
on my cold skin nestling warm ...
my lust knows no bounds
uncontrolled I am standing in the coldness ...
an absolute vision for all latex fetishist !!!

Snow White

2020-10-20127 imagesBig boobs, Fetish, High heels
Snow White 0
Snow White 1
Snow White 2
Snow White 3
Snow White 4

One cold winter morning I roamed through the forest ...
I must not have missed my hot leather outfit to keep warm!
Suddenly I discovered a small fishing hut and I decided to rest a bit
... after a while I felt my lust and I didn’t care of anything around me
I started playing with my body, really unrestrained ...
the warm leather got me up to speed again!

Dirty Winter

2020-10-20184 imagesBig boobs, Fetish, PVC
Dirty Winter 0
Dirty Winter 1
Dirty Winter 2
Dirty Winter 3
Dirty Winter 4

Austria, minus 10 degrees celsius and sparkling erotic
Wearing this hot lacquer dress
seducing you in deep powder snow and open a deep view
into my intimit world ...

Christmas Dream

2020-10-20304 imagesFetish, PVC, Stockings
Christmas Dream 0
Christmas Dream 1
Christmas Dream 2
Christmas Dream 3
Christmas Dream 4

I sweet you waiting for xmas
the red shining patent dress coats my curves ...
under the christmas tree I show you how to sell time loosely

Satin Lady

2020-10-20234 imagesBig boobs, Fetish, Stockings
Satin Lady 0
Satin Lady 1
Satin Lady 2
Satin Lady 3
Satin Lady 4

I instruct you: BEND yourself!
I hope you habe been obediently, otherwise you will feel my whip!
In my hot and strict satin corsage outfit I will play out my dominance to you
I will show you clearly what's unterneath my dress

Red Leather Lady

2020-10-20295 imagesBig boobs, Fetish, Stockings
Red Leather Lady 0
Red Leather Lady 1
Red Leather Lady 2
Red Leather Lady 3
Red Leather Lady 4

Red leather covers hot skin
A sunny winters day, soft leather coates my curves ...
a lady lonely and alone at a castle ...
... the last sunbeams make we very hot and horny
and I give my feelings full scope ...
a dream for all leather lovers!!

Tags: leather, boots

First Snowflake

2020-10-20222 imagesBig boobs, Fetish, PVC
First Snowflake 0
First Snowflake 1
First Snowflake 2
First Snowflake 3
First Snowflake 4

The first snow flakes on sinful patent
New white now had fallen, it is time for me to notice the coldness!
My hot black patent outfit keeps me warm, the weals of the whip are
seen around my tits and I feel free with my dominance!
A dream for every devote creature!

Body Orange

2020-10-20161 imagesBig boobs, Fetish, PVC
Body Orange 0
Body Orange 1
Body Orange 2
Body Orange 3
Body Orange 4

Look how the material closely covers my curves, how my breasts appear and the zipper goes
down more and more, that you can see all of me!