Weapons of a Lady

2020-10-26145 imagesFetish, PVC, Role Play
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Weapons of a Lady 1
Weapons of a Lady 2
Weapons of a Lady 3
Weapons of a Lady 4

The weepons of a lady!
Do you want them to feel and see?
In my uniform of patent ... in my nylons and thigh boots
I will be near you as your weepon!
You will be at my mercy!
We will allow many shots to each other!
Shots, which drive us to hot passion!
A passion to a dominant lady who rules besides you!
Patent and thigh boot lovers pay attention!
One quick shot will be definitely yours!
My hot shot videos will give many shootings to you!

The Teacher

2020-10-24141 imagesFetish, Latex, Role Play
The Teacher 0
The Teacher 1
The Teacher 2
The Teacher 3
The Teacher 4

Now it's time for me teaching you!
I hope you have been well - behaved! Do you want some private lessons with me?
Teaching you in matter of satisfaction!
Satisfaction of your teacher!
Dressed in latex I'm cracking with my whip!
If you have not been well - behaved you will get to feel it!
Your teacher has prepared 2 special long videos for you!
Watch me while I'm waiting impatiently your coming for tutoring!
Watch me how I killl time till then!
You can watch me even smoking ...
Your teacher will prepare big pleasure for you!

Marched Maid

2020-10-21186 imagesBig boobs, PVC, Role Play
Marched Maid 0
Marched Maid 1
Marched Maid 2
Marched Maid 3
Marched Maid 4

Room service !!! May I do the room service?
Dressed in my hot maidservant outfit I knock at your door ...
you let me in. I’m dressed in shiny patent and my new sexy leather thigh boots.
I will clear the room for you properly!
I hope you will be satisfied with my service and I could come for service again ...

Black Angel

2020-10-2072 imagesBig boobs, PVC, Role Play
Black Angel 0
Black Angel 1
Black Angel 2
Black Angel 3
Black Angel 4

I'm living behind the shine of the sun infintely
separated by you ...

this gorgeousness of black lacquer playing around my
curves under the setting sun..
i'm lonesome and for my own...
Observe me playfully ending my lonelyness...
after this serie you know i'll never be an angel !

Tags: gothic

Black Vamp

2020-10-20236 imagesBig boobs, PVC, Role Play
Black Vamp 0
Black Vamp 1
Black Vamp 2
Black Vamp 3
Black Vamp 4

Black vamp in the deep dark forest
autum begins and chilliness keeps the woods
a lonely vampire lady strolls through the forest and waits for her victim to suck it.
wrapped in gorgeous patent which protects my sinful curvescurves which are
stripped more and more!


2020-10-18139 imagesBig boobs, High heels, Role Play
Heidi 0
Heidi 1
Heidi 2
Heidi 3
Heidi 4

Heidi out of the "alps"
So mens hearts are getting weak! Here the hot "winter - Heidi" pictures out of austria - snow
are waiting for you and,of course the highlight: my "Heidi - summer"
pictures with the traditionally blue - white "Dirndl" - dress!
Dive into the world of Heidi and watch me what I’m doing apart of
my small alpine hut! Still waters run deep!


2020-10-18191 imagesFetish, PVC, Role Play
Nurse 0
Nurse 1
Nurse 2
Nurse 3
Nurse 4

Watch out fort he head nurse!!
When you’re submissive the nurse will show you more ...
If you’re not, badness threatens yourself and you will get special treatement!
Watch me when bare my tits for you, how patent shows my curves and how
I get mad when you disobey!
A dream for fetishists of roll play!!!