The Nurse

2021-01-01160 imagesBig boobs, Latex, Role Play
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Like' a treatment ...?
From now on you will love to be sick!
Even then you will look forward to my special treatment!
In my nurse outfit of skin-tight latex first I'll show you
how I'm treating myself in front of you!
I think this will take away your fear and will heat you up!
Watch me how I'm oilin' my big tits and how I'm exploring
myself with my magic wand!
The videos will show you all of myself, you've ever dreamed of ...
Lovers of role play, thigh boots and latex will have great pleasure ...


Weapons of a Lady

2020-10-26145 imagesFetish, PVC, Role Play
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The weepons of a lady!
Do you want them to feel and see?
In my uniform of patent ... in my nylons and thigh boots
I will be near you as your weepon!
You will be at my mercy!
We will allow many shots to each other!
Shots, which drive us to hot passion!
A passion to a dominant lady who rules besides you!
Patent and thigh boot lovers pay attention!
One quick shot will be definitely yours!
My hot shot videos will give many shootings to you!

The Teacher

2020-10-24141 imagesFetish, Latex, Role Play
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The Teacher 4

Now it's time for me teaching you!
I hope you have been well - behaved! Do you want some private lessons with me?
Teaching you in matter of satisfaction!
Satisfaction of your teacher!
Dressed in latex I'm cracking with my whip!
If you have not been well - behaved you will get to feel it!
Your teacher has prepared 2 special long videos for you!
Watch me while I'm waiting impatiently your coming for tutoring!
Watch me how I killl time till then!
You can watch me even smoking ...
Your teacher will prepare big pleasure for you!

Marched Maid

2020-10-21186 imagesBig boobs, PVC, Role Play
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Room service !!! May I do the room service?
Dressed in my hot maidservant outfit I knock at your door ...
you let me in. I’m dressed in shiny patent and my new sexy leather thigh boots.
I will clear the room for you properly!
I hope you will be satisfied with my service and I could come for service again ...