Leather Angel

2020-12-02173 imagesFetish, High heels
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Leather Angel 1
Leather Angel 2
Leather Angel 3
Leather Angel 4

Hi folks, here is my new wonderfull series for my leather
and boots fetishists!
As an angel in leather I'm seducing you ...
While it's cold outside I wrapped myself in leather and I enjoy
to go out and present my new horny thighhigh boots!
Even cold temperatures couldn't stop me takin' those permissive photos!
I show you how leather on my skin heats me up and I give you hot
insights beyond my leather outfit!
After these views you gonna' forget all coldness around yourself ...

Rubber Lounge

2020-11-20152 imagesFetish, Glovefetish, Latex
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Rubber Lounge  1
Rubber Lounge  2
Rubber Lounge  3
Rubber Lounge  4

Hi, escort myself to my rubber lounge!
As a latex fetishist here you will feel very good!
You will watch my dominant side and
have a look at myself secret smokin' quite pleasurably!
Like' thinkin' about that? ...

Fetish Pantyhose

2020-11-19121 imagesBig boobs, High heels, PVC
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Fetish Pantyhose  1
Fetish Pantyhose  2
Fetish Pantyhose  3
Fetish Pantyhose  4

This is a new gallery which lets hearts of
pantyhose lovers beat faster!
Come along with me on a sunny autumn day ...
Dressed with a patent dress, boots and a wonderful
pantyhose I make you feel how horny patent and
nylon feels on skin.
The materials gently cover my skin and heat me up
in spite of all the coldness outside!
I give you nice views to my most intimate sites
which are covered with hot nylon!
If you like to, just enjoy my lust in both videos pretty much ...


Blue Fantasy

2020-11-18189 imagesBig boobs, Fetish, Latex
Blue Fantasy  0
Blue Fantasy  1
Blue Fantasy  2
Blue Fantasy  3
Blue Fantasy  4

This is a dreamlike and beautiful latex gallery,
which heats you up at cold autumn days!
A dream for all my latex and heels lovers ...
As well all fans of my big tits will love this ...
Enjoy very intimate insights! Feel the cold latex on my hot skin!
My two videos will make you feel drawin' nearer ...

Autumn Dream

2020-11-17154 imagesBig boobs, Fetish
Autumn Dream  0
Autumn Dream  1
Autumn Dream  2
Autumn Dream  3
Autumn Dream  4

Hi folks, autumn draws to a close. At a wonderfull autumn day this
dreamlike leather gallery was made for you!
Leather and boot lovers will love and enjoy this series!
Completely covered in thrilling leather I'm enjoyin' the last sunbeams!
While enjoyin' sun I was gettin' real hot and horny,
so my lust was allowed full bent ...
You will love the result of it ...
Just enjoy my two videos and watch very lustfull games!

Rubber Domination

2020-11-15182 imagesBig boobs, Fetish, Latex
Rubber Domination  0
Rubber Domination  1
Rubber Domination  2
Rubber Domination  3
Rubber Domination  4

This is my extra - class series for my latex and boot lovers ...
and for all of you who worship my dominant side!
From top to bottom I'm completely dressed in latex!
The cool material gently covers each centimeter of my skin ...
The boots are waiting to be cleaned by a slave!
I'm lookin' down to you and I'm demandin' your service ...
As your award you are allowed to watch me while I'm playin' dirty games!
You will get to know my most intimate sites!
With my 14 minute videos you will have a close view at my real latex fetish!!!
You will love it ...

Dark Secret

2020-11-14151 imagesBig boobs, Fetish, PVC
Dark Secret  0
Dark Secret  1
Dark Secret  2
Dark Secret  3
Dark Secret  4

This is my last series "out of france" ...
... this is the one with the hottest videos!
A breathtaking mixture of nylons, patent, heels
and fishnet outfit is waiting for you!
Playfully I take you with me to my darkest and most intimate secrets!
You will find out my very most intimate sites!


2020-11-13158 imagesFetish, Latex
Ghost 0
Ghost 1
Ghost 2
Ghost 3
Ghost 4

This genial fetish series I brought along from france!
A series for all who love latex and who worship my dominant side!
A ghost hides "herself" in a castle ...
dressed in strict latex, accompanied by a whip.
You will feel the whip if you don't believe in ghosts!
Watch me while I'm ruling the castle!
Latex nestles around my curves ... my boots are endless high!
Watch me playin' with the crackin' whip ...
My whip is gently exploring my body and doesn't even stop anywhere!
In this series your insights will be very intimate and permissive!

Crazy Babe

2020-11-12125 imagesBig boobs, Fetish, High heels
Crazy Babe  0
Crazy Babe  1
Crazy Babe  2
Crazy Babe  3
Crazy Babe  4

I had a stay for one week at a templar castle at the south of france.
Really hot fetish - photos where made there.
The second gallery I'd like to show you today.
You will watch me as a crazy leather minx, which will make you mad.
Dressed with a hot leather outfit I'm waiting to get domesticated. Are you able to do that?
Look how fishnet covers my tits ...
Watch me being trapped behind grid. I want to break out.
You will enjoy my lustfull games.
This is a horny action series video clips in excess length,
a series for my leather- and boot lovers, who love my wicked side!